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Boys soccer tackles the season ahead

Boys soccer tackles the season ahead

After topping off an impressive season with a 22-4 record, this year’s boys soccer team is back and ready to pick up where they left off with the addition of many new faces. “We have a very, very good amount of depth with exceptional, quality players,” boys soccer head coach Tom Breznitsky said. “We are

Scotch Plains Fanwood celebrates Juneteenth

On June 19th, people gathered at the Willow Grove Presbyterian Church in Scotch Plains to celebrate “Juneteenth”. Also known as Freedom Day, this holiday marks the anniversary of when slavery was permanently abolished in Texas. Juneteenth is celebrated by many African Americans in replacement of July 4th, as slaves were not officially freed throughout the

The Faces of Reality

On Jan. 18 2017, the Grim Reaper paid a visit to the juniors and seniors of Scotch Plains- Fanwood High School. The Grim Reaper is a program that was run by the DECA club to emphasize the importance of driving sober and to encourage students to make smart choices. To get this point across, the

Twelve Gift Ideas for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the most costly. Whether it’s for Hannukah, Christmas, or any other holiday, the pressure is on to find presents people will love- without maxing out your credit card. Below are a few ideas to help you survive the gift-giving frenzy of the winter.   5 DIY

Five Vegan Recipes for This Holiday Season With the widespread adaptation of veganism, preparing meals for the holidays may be more difficult than previous years. A vegan diet is one in which a person does not eat meat, fish, dairy, or any other animal products; although there are a variety of reasons for choosing to do so, many people do this

Students learn about college life at College Night

On the evening of Nov. 1, students and parents eagerly walked through the doors of Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School to see which university representatives were waiting inside. College Night is an annual event where over 50 universities send alumni to represent their school and to recruit potential students. Predominantly populated by upperclassmen and their parents,