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Pokemon Go expands gameplay of famous franchise

Pokemon Go expands gameplay of famous franchise

“I choose you!” The most common three-word sentence the universe knows. Everybody and their mother knows about Pokémon, but now, the franchise is looking to step their universally-known game up a notch. Gone are the days of sitting on the couch playing Pokémon, and in are the days playing Pokémon outside and running around. Thanks

R.I.P Vine: Social Media Platform Lives out its 6 Seconds of Fame

On Thursday October 27th, Twitter announced that they will be shutting down the Vine app. Though this has not yet happened, and the official website will remain online indefinitely, for most this marks the end of the platform. Vine is a video sharing service which was bought by Twitter before it launched in 2013. It

Battlefield 1 surges into popularity

It’s finally out! Well it’s been out for around a week now but nevertheless , it’s out! After months of advertising from the very popular video game company EA,  the game play and cinematic trailers that left us in awe, and an invigorating public beta test, Battlefield 1 is in stores. But the question is,

iOS Update and The New iPhone 7

Apple recently released its next-generation smartphone, the iPhone 7, as well as an updated software, iOS 10. There has been much controversy surrounding the iPhone 7, its accessories, and the software update. One of the biggest issues with the iPhone 7 is the earphones; not only are they retailed at $159, but they are cordless.

Apple says “Hello again” with the updated MacBook Pro

Only two months after the announcement that Apple’s latest gadget, the iPhone 7, would be released, Apple hosted a second event called “hello again.” Although it introduced tvOS, further explained the previously announced AirPods, and announced additions to the Apple Watch, the primary focus was on the new line of MacBook Pros. Since 2006, Apple