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The Chocolate Bar gives a new twist on classic gelato

written by Albert Sanchez Located in Westfield, The Chocolate Bar has been serving gourmet Italian treats on Quimby Street for the past  10 years. Upon entering the quaint shop, there is an alluring aroma of baked goods, and the glass display of gelato takes center stage. The shop offers about 24 flavors of gelato, including seasonal

Inspiration Rolls offer twist on traditional sushi

In terms of creative ways to eat your food, nowhere comes close to the newly opened Inspiration Rolls in Westfield, NJ. The unique restaurant offers up sushi burritos which are a delicious twist on classic sushi rolls served in a burrito-style seaweed wrap. The rolls can be customized, with filling options ranging from mango to

‘Oh Yes’ to the health-conscious Ono Bowls

As 2016 comes to end, we begin to reflect on the year as a whole and the trends that have plagued it. To quote Kylie Jenner, “I feel like this year is really about, like, just the year of realizing stuff”, and as healthy eating has become more prevalent, new age millennials have begun to

Five Vegan Recipes for This Holiday Season With the widespread adaptation of veganism, preparing meals for the holidays may be more difficult than previous years. A vegan diet is one in which a person does not eat meat, fish, dairy, or any other animal products; although there are a variety of reasons for choosing to do so, many people do this

Froyo World: a delicious addition to the Scotch Plains downtown

photo by Alexa-Jada Nelson Downtown Scotch Plains’s most recent addition, Froyo World, offers a variety of frozen yogurt flavors as well as other sweet treats. Its clean and colorful atmosphere fills a much needed space in town.   Along with the standard chocolate and vanilla, there are some pretty interesting yogurt choices. The tiramisu, hazelnut, salted