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Help, I Can’t Stop Checking my Powerschool

Help, I Can’t Stop Checking my Powerschool

It happens every day somewhere in SPFHS. Twenty students sit under fluorescent lighting. Twenty multiple choice questions and an essay prompt burn holes in their eyes, as a pencil taps on a desk somewhere in the room.   Statistically, at least 38%, or eight out of twenty, of these students are suffering some form of

What I learned from Al Smith’s JSA visit

written by David Schulman On Thursday, October 27, Al Smith, Republican candidate for Scotch Plains Mayor, talked among the SPFHS’s Junior State America Club (JSA) about what it means to be part of government, and after got to discuss the important issues with the club members. With the Republican Party in civil war on a

The Fanscotian reviews The outstanding Mystery of Edwin Drood

The Scotch Plains Fanwood Repertory theatre put together a creative and unique play this year: The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Based off of Charles Dickens unfinished mystery novel, the play tells the story of a young man named Edwin Drood, who is surrounded by conflict, secret love and disguised despair. Where Dickens story ends, the

Facebook Group embarrasses SPF community

When Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, his mission statement was “to help people understand what was going on in their world and to also have control over whom they shared information with.” However, a local Facebook group, “Scotch Plains & Fanwood Neighbors” has disregarded Zuckerberg’s mission statement by drawing attention to frivolous issues in the community.

Is college being a bully?

photo courtesy of Creative Commons Colleges have taken so much prevalence in today’s society; it is no wonder that they are negatively affecting the high school experience. Higher education institutions are indirectly “pressuring” college bound students to push themselves too hard by spreading themselves too thin with rigorous courses, volunteering, jobs, and extracurriculars.   One

Gym grading takes unexpected turn to students’ dismay

The students at Scotch Plains Fanwood High School are now being graded based on criteria aside from participation in gym class. This change has received negative feedback from students. Suddenly, after running the mile or completing the long jump, these activities appeared on PowerSchool with grades besides them. For the grade-conscious, this became an issue.